Cinematographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. Award-winning body of work includes feature films along with documentaries, TV series, short films, musicals, and commercial films.
A creative director and director of photography based in Beirut, Lebanon. Obtaine a Master of Arts – Director of Photography in Cinema and Television. Today, the head department of Cinema and Television at the Lebanese University of Beirut. With more than 40 feature films with international large scale, an artistic director, writer and an international award-winning director of photography in Cinema and Television, studied in union state institute of cinematography, VGIK – Moscow

“With more than 40 feature films with international large scale, an artistic director, writer and an international award-winning director of photography in Cinema and Television, studied in union state institute of cinematography, VGIK – Moscow”





High graduate in Direction of Photography and Cinematographically Sciences; Cinema Institute (VGIK); Moscow, RUSSIA.



Master of Art – Director of Photography in Cinema and Television VGIK



English, Arabic, French, Russian, Serbian


Experience Overview

From 1993   Several lighting designer and director of photography & consulting on talk show & reality formats on dozens of emissions for TV, Drama, Sitcoms.

 Director of Photography & director on dozens of cooperates, advertising and promotion films for Lebanese, Arabic, Russian, European and American agencies              

From 1989 Director of Photography on dozens of feature films.

Director of photography and director on dozens of documentary films for Lebanese & internationals agencies and channels

Academic Experience

From 2017 Head Department of cinema and television at the “Lebanese University -Faculty of fine arts, branch 2”

From 2007   Instructor in the Department of photography at “Lebanese University Faculty of fine arts, cinema department” branch 2

 2002/2007   Instructor in MFA of direction of photography at “University of Holly Spirit” USEK, KASLIK

2001/2004    Instructor in the Department of photography.

Instructor in DESS “Master direction of photography at “University  Saint-Joseph, USJ.” IESAV Beirut, Lebanon.

 2002/2014   Instructor in the Department of Documentary and Publicity film at “Lebanese University”  Radio &TV Department, Fanar II

2004 Seminary in communication Art department at LAU, Beirut – Lebanon

2002 Workshop in cameraman department at FUTURE TV, Lebanon

2002 Workshop in cameraman department at Arabian center of Cinema and TV, Damascus, Syria

2000 Instructor of Direction of Photography at “l’Institut des Études Supérieures en Audio-Visuel” (IESAV), Beirut-Lebanon                          

1999/2000 Lecturer in the Department of Photography at the “Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA); Beirut, Lebanon.

Creative Director Interdisciplinary Projects

2020 – ‘AYAMI BEIRYT Concert 2020” musical & multi discipline visual concert

2020- “100 years of Greater Lebanon “ a celebration of nation, 40 min ,

2019- “BEIRUT, THE SEA LOVER” (A celebration of a city, 60 minutes).

3D mapping projection, with his multi-disciplined skills and creative talent, Milad Tauk joined forces with Musical Director Elie Barrak and developed an emotional celebration of the city of Beirut.

The audience travels to ancient times through wars, occupation, and destruction that lead to its heroic revival, thus reliving the nostalgic collective memory and affirming Beirut’s identity as well as the emotional attachment to this city by its inhabitants.

The musical performance brings back to life the most famous songs that echo the city’s historical storyline with new arrangements that combine classical, jazz, swing, rap, taarab and traditional music


A dramatic 3D mapping presentation set at a prominent historical site in South Lebanon: the Beaufort Castle is located on a high cliff commanding a strategic overview of Jerusalem to the south and Lebanon to the north and built by the Crusades and subsequent Islamic powers. The presentation celebrates the history of the castle which was destroyed and rebuilt many times by military campaigns over the centuries leading to modern times


A 3D video mapping celebrating the life and work of Gebran Khalil Gebran through a journey from his childhood, to his career in fine arts and poetry leading to his stature as an international literary icon.  The event was held in the town of Bcharry, where he was born.

2016- “Between Earth and Heaven”

 (D.O.P & Director & producer.) opening  Cedars international Festival – Lebanon 

2012- “JEYEBLI SALAM” marsh of Lebanese army

“Lebanese independent day”2012.


Director of photography (feature films) :

2023 Hasan El Masri,  Director, Samir Habchi  (Egypt)

2017 Good Morning,  Director, Bahij Hojeij  (Lebanon -France)

2015 the Buried secret,  Director, Ali Gaffari  (Iran- Lebanon)

2010   Shou Sar (docu Drama) Deguale Eid  France

2008 Beirut Open City (Lebanon -Egypt) Represented in Berlin, London, Rotterdam, Abu Dhabi , Tunisia ,Australia  film festivals                         

2007 Hamlet (Serbia) Best cinematography award, Best actor, Best editing, Best costumes “NOVI SAD” International film festival 2008.

1997 Tomorrow We’ll Know , director Andreas theomopolos  (Co director of Photography), FIPRESCI Prize – Special Mention , Best Film Best Cinematography , Greek Union of Film and

Television Technicians Award   – Thessaloniki Film Festival 1997

1996 “Like it or Not, my Beauty, Sleep in this Heat” Avant- gardes Cinema Award, Amsterdam

1994 “Time has come “ Golden Bayard at the 9th Festival of French-speaking Films; Namur, Belgium. Special Award of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation of the French speaking countries (ACCT).

1991 “The Tornado” Jury Special Award, Carthage International Festival; Tunisia

Jury Special Mention; Mediterranean Film International Festival; Bastia, Corsica;

Jury Special Mention Friburg International Festival Switzerland;

Cinematography for Shorts

Close to Heaven Docu-Drama, Cinematogrpaher & Executive Producer. Best Film Award, Best Cinematography Film Festival Milan, Italy 2001

1990 “Voice” (D.O.P & Director) Poetic Film Award and Picture Special Award “International Film Festival on The Peace “ – under the auspices of the director Ingmar BERGMAN; Joensuu, Finland; 1990

Story of a Bed (D.O.P & Director)

The Window. (D.O.P & Director)

Perfect Day , director Grigoris Karantinakis, Greece) short film

The Ocha’s Gaf  (AUE) short film

The Chorus Girl, director (Milan Stevanovitch , Serbia ) short film

The Sutan  , Milan Stevanovitch , Serbia ) short film

Always the Second (Alexander Raijkovitch , Serbia ) short film

The Idiot , Alexander Raijkovitch , Serbia) short film

And dozens of shorts films 


The holy hands (D.O.P & Director, producer)

Kadisha Grotto (D.O.P & Director & producer)

The floating island “Megastructure project” (D.O.P & Director & Executive producer)

The holly valley grotto’s (D.O.P & Director & producer)

The holy valley: Historical sites (D.O.P & Director & producer)

KOUDCHOU “The Holy” (doc.-Drama film. D.O.P & Director & producer)

Kadisha Holiness and Heritage (D.O.P & Director & producer)

The final dwelling (doc.-drama film.  D.O.P & Director & producer)

Faces (500 short promo films 30 seconds, TV  Aljazeera Kids)                                          

Caracal (D.O.P & Director,  AUE).

Arkan. (D.O.P & Director, AUE). Drive to Survive, Series of Road Safety. ADCO (D.O.P & Director, AUE).

Destination Abu Dhabi (D.O.P & Director, AUE).

Sanine Wather (promotion – Documentary)

Horal history “Ben Laden Group, Mouhamad Ben Laden” (Director of photography)

Azifoul Kamal

Lady of the Palace (Visual concept & grading)

Dead Earth (environment)

Lux from Oriente; (ROMA IMAGO VRBIS) Italy

Lebanon; Message and Holy Land.  

The Maltese Knights.

The Harvest of Memory.

Tyre ; Man , Tradition and History.

Ten Episodes on Avant-Guard Painting.

 Les Morse’s.

The Old Trees.

The Race Horses. 

Tv Series

TV series (Director of photography)

Bakkir 22 episodes

Abriya wa Leken  (adaptation : Ordeal by innocent , A. Christy  25 episodes)

Gibran Khalil Gibran (best sellers 4 Episodes)

May (Trailer 20 min)

EL Hal bidak (30 episodes)

TV format

Ish Sahari  ( reality -nature ,director of photography ,30 episodes , KSA)

Ish Barari (reality-nature, director of photography ,30 episodes, Algeria)

Starting Over (lighting Designer, MBC)

AL Fourssa (Talk Show, DOP – lighting designer, Jordan -Lebanon)

Biggest Looser (lighting designer, MBC)

 Alhawa sawa (reality, DOP – lighting designer)

TV reality (Talk Show, Lighting designer , MBC)

Airplane crashes (4 hours American documentary format for opening channel AL Arabia)

Banat Hawa (Talk show, indoor -outdoor. Director of photography, 3 seasons  LBC – channel 1, KSA

Madar Al Noujoum ( 3 pilot episode)



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